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While some people tend to use the terms ‘arborist’ and ‘tree surgeon’ interchangeably, there are distinct differences between the two. Both vocations are different branches (excuse the pun) of the study of arboriculture. While tree surgery focusses more on the health of a tree, arborists concern themselves with the aesthetics of trees, shrubs, and hedges.

Here at Robinson Tree Services Ltd, we cover both aspects of arboriculture and have done so for more than thirty years. As fully-trained and qualified arborists, we deal with all your pruning, thinning, and coppicing needs, trimming your trees and bushes in a way that is pleasing to the eye, but which also promotes healthy future growth.

We are based in the historic Hertfordshire town of St Albans, from where our team of arborists cover a twenty-mile radius around our office. This takes in the whole of the county and some surrounding areas, including our valued customers including Watford, Welwyn Garden City, Harpenden and beyond.

Professional Arborist Services in Hertfordshire

As a local, family-run firm of arborists, we have much to offer our customers across Hertfordshire. Here is a few of our more popular services…

Pruning Services in Hertfordshire

Pruning Services in Hertfordshire

In essence, pruning is the cutting back of branches on a tree to promote healthy growth. When used correctly, the process can help to shape a tree, removing branches that might otherwise lead to structural deficiencies. Pruning can also benefit older trees where the weight of their branches puts them at risk of premature collapse.

Crowning Services in Hertfordshire

Crowning Services in Hertfordshire

Crowning involves changing the density, height, and spread of a tree’s crown and is performed for both aesthetic and health reasons. The three main processes are thinning (where we remove dead or damaged branches), lifting (where we remove lower branches to raise the tree canopy), and reduction (where we trim back the overall volume of the crown).

Pollarding Services in Hertfordshire

Pollarding Services in Hertfordshire

Pollarding takes pruning to the next level. Certain species of tree grow fresh, healthy branches when cut back to the main trunk or primary branches. This process promotes a thick, dense head of branches and foliage on the tree. It also maintains the head of the tree at a specific height, giving a patch of woodland a uniform look.

Coppicing Services in Hertfordshire

Coppicing Services in Hertfordshire

Coppicing is a more extreme version of pollarding, used with certain trees that, when cut down, generate new growth direct from the stump. Whereas with pollarding we cut trees back to the main trunk and primary branches, with coppicing we cut right down to the stump, promoting fresh, healthy growth. This is a popular arboricultural solution in woodland management.

Why Choose

Robinson Tree Services Ltd

There are plenty of reasons to choose us as your local, family-run tree work arborists. Here are some of the most common ones based on feedback from our customers…

Robinson Tree Services Ltd has a reputation throughout Hertfordshire for the high standard of work delivered by our team of arborists. Not only are we are approved by Hertfordshire Trading Standards, we are also listed as Which? Trusted Traders. You can find out what our former customers – domestic and commercial – think of our service by checking out our Reviews page.

We have been trading out of our St Albans office for over 30 years. This makes us one of the longest-running tress services companies currently operating in the Hertfordshire area. Our team of fully-trained and qualified arborists can boast decades of experience between them. This guarantees exceptional service and quality work on every job we take on.

Robinson Tree Services Ltd is based in the beautiful and historic town of St Albans, Hertfordshire. From here our team of dedicated arborists cover a 20-mile radius, taking in the entire county and some outlying areas. Wherever you are based, from Watford to Welwyn Garden City, Harpenden and beyond, we guarantee a prompt and punctual service every time you call.

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