Environmental Policy

As experienced tree surgeons and arborists in the Hertfordshire area, we are well aware of our environment and our impact on it. We are fully-committed to preserving the wooded areas of our county for future generations by using and promoting best practises across every project we take on.

To demonstrate our commitment to these principles, we have put together the following Environmental Policy for the guidance of our employees and the peace of mind of our customers.

Robinson Tree Services Ltd – Environmental Policy

We strive to provide an ethical arboriculture and forestry service based on sustainable practices. These include the quality maintenance of veteran trees, as well as planting appropriate trees in urban and rural environments.

We try to put trees first and will refuse to remove any trees without proper justification. If necessary, we will apply for a tree preservation order.

We are committed to combatting the mutilation of trees by non professionals by working with local authority tree officers. If, for example, we encounter an unprotected quality tree specimen on private property, we will consider it worth protecting, even at the loss of a business opportunity.

We are committed to the careful handling of hazardous substances and preventing pollution by taking the following measures:

  • COSHH assessments
  • pesticides handled by licensed staff
  • pollution contingency plans completed as appropriate
  • we keep up to date with information supplied by authorities such as the Environment Agency
  • we run engine powered equipment at a necessary minimum
  • 100% of our pre-cutting arrisens are totally recycled.

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